Supporting Young People Through Grief and Loss – a resource for school staff
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Grief literacy poster for adolescents

Supporting Young People Through Grief and Loss – a resource for professionals

What people are saying


{I am very happy to see this service. I have previously found a huge lack of support for young people experiencing grief.
{The resources provided were clear and inviting, so readily accepted by students in a teaching unit on mental health. An excellent program that helps in many areas of life.
{Great presentation - filled gaps I didn't know were there!
{I am very grateful for this amazing training as a teacher, as a parent, and as a friend. I wish more people would access the training. It also helped me understand some of the reactions I had in the past such as unexpected anger. Please continue to do what you are doing.
{Fantastic from a teacher's perspective and from someone who lost a parent during school years.
{The course was really valuable and well delivered. We were given clear and concise strategies on how to support students dealing with loss, and that loss can come in many forms. It also gave clear information on how to access further support and the correct pathways to be taken in a school environment when supporting students.